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About Us

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs in the field of online marketing, advertising and lawyers who specialize in debt collections in the local Israeli market.

Our approach is to have an office in the country which delivers the local expertise necessary to collect your funds. Our collections strategy is tailored to the requirements of the individual country and jurisdiction in Israel with local office and team.

In our experience the only way to ensure effective collections worldwide is to have a local presence in whatever country you seek to collect in.

We also maintain worldwide network of collection agencies which can help us to provide our clients with collection services worldwide if needed, using local teams in the relevant country. Read more about it

We work on a contingency-basis model, which means that our clients only pay for success so there is absolutely nothing to lose for you. 

Meet US
For all Inquiries about Debt Collections, Please Email:

Rothschild 45 Blvd.

Tel Aviv


Ha-Ma'alot st 6 



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